Fulton Township's current Zoning Ordinance was adopted in November 2012, and is our land use guide for everyone owning property within our township, excluding the Village of Perrinton.  Though it is not perfect, our two main objectives, in using these guidelines, are to treat citizens fairly, and to enforce our zoning ordinance to protect the health, safety and welfare of our residents.  We ask that you please be patient with us, as we are currently learning how to use a new civil infraction process to enforce our zoning ordinance.  

Below you will find the individual Articles of our zoning ordinance, further divided by sections, with a map, "planview", of the township's zoning districts at the end.  Other new additions to our zoning ordinance are listed separately, until our zoning ordinance has finished undergoing changes, then we will have it renumbered. 

If you are applying for a zoning permit, please contact Fulton Township Hall during our normal business hours:  Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 9am-12pm and 1-4pm.  You may also call and leave a message at 989-236-5102.  Thank you for your interest in Fulton Township. 


Article 1, Intent and Purpose

Article 2, Administration and Enforcement

Article 3, General Provisions

Article 4, Zoning Districts and Schedule of Regulations

Article 5, Site Plan Review

Article 6, Special Land Use Procedures and Process

Article 7, Special Land Use Standards

Article 8, Amendments

Article 9, Planned Unit Development

Article 10, Landscaping and Buffering

Article 11, Off Street Parking and Loading

Article 12, Signage

Article 13, Non Conformities

Article 14, Zoning Board of Appeals

Article 15, Construction of Language and Definitions

Article 16, Enactive and Effective Date

Fulton Zoning "Planview"